1000 Ultimate Adventures

SGUltimateAdventures 1000 Ultimate Adventures

Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures. Photo credit: Lonely Planet.

Looking for the ultimate travel adventure? Then you’ll want to look at the world’s ultimate adventures profiled in the book Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures.

In the book, the international travel authority Lonely Planet collected 1000 ideas, places and activities which inspire adventure.

“1000 Ultimate Adventures inspires all types of travelers to explore the world, whether on foot, by bike, motor vehicle or horse,” says Lonely Planet. “Start ticking off your list of places you’ve always wanted to see and things you’ve always wanted to do.”

Among the 1000 Ultimate Adventures are:

  • Iconic European Adventures;
  • Best Undiscovered US Parks;
  • Craziest Caves;
  • Most Action Packed Jungles;
  • Family-Friendly Adventures;
  • Best Rafting Rivers;
  • Classic Rides for Casual Cyclists and
  • Sweetest Snorkel Spots.

Find out more at LonelyPlanet.com.

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