A Tree Tent In England

SGTreeTent A Tree Tent In England

The innovative Tree Tent. Photo credit: Tree Tent.

Looking for a camping alternative to traditional tents?  We’re intrigued by the Tree Tent, a tent floating between trees, which is coming to The Secret Campsite in East Sussex, England. The company’s motto: “Tree Tents – To Get People Into The Canopy; Enjoying Trees.”

Using recycled and natural materials, the Tree Tents are made with lightweight, hybrid aluminum frame with steam bent and green ash laths that support the 100% cotton, waterproofed canvas cover tailored by The Lindstrand hot air balloon factory. The tree tent is suspended to trees by heavy duty rigging which is designed to keep the structure stable.

The design team behind the Tree Tent who came up with the floating concept drew upon their backgrounds in the air balloon sector.

“The Tree Tent is akin to an airship, blending two very different engineering materials; aluminum and wood and using design cues from early zeppelins and lightweight aircraft,” says creator Jason Thawley, of design studio Luminar. “They provide low impact integration into the woodland at any time of year for recreation, research, conservation or education.”

A 3 metre spherical structure, the Tree Tent can accommodate two adults all year with 100% wool, thermal liners and the possibility of adding a wood burning stove. Campers enter the Tree Tent by unzipping the tent’s canvas door from a secure platform and then stepping onto the Tree Tent’s wooden floor.

Bordered by Ancient Woodland, The Secret Campsite is known for its edible foraging at its wildlife-friendly site in East Sussex. Campers can book the Tree Tent for overnight stays at The Secret Campsite.

Find out more at www.treetents.co.uk.

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