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tent interior Glamping In Bali

Glamping Sandat in Bali. Photo credits: One Off Places.

Glamping is a sweeping global travel trend.

In the heart of beautiful Bali, One Off Places can take you glamping at Glamping Sandat, a cluster of luxury safari tents and cabins.  Situated near Ubud, a town in central Bali, the Glamping Sandat site gives travelers the chance to experience traditional Balinese culture and landscape including temples, historic sites, rice paddies, coconut groves and mountains.

`Think tropical luxury combined with creature comforts and you’ve got the measure of this place. This is glamorous camping at its very best!’ says Tabitha Symonds, founder and director of

Glamping Sandat is comprised of five comfortable safari tents and three ‘Lumbung’ cabins. The safari tent and cabin interiors are designed to be an elegant blend of Eastern and Western styles with original pieces of Balinese art and furniture throughout.

Each tent is set up to accommodate a family of four, furnished with wrought iron lamps, crystal chandeliers and cabinets created by local craftsmen. They are furnished with three bed styles including a round bed, an inlaid wooden bed or a handcrafted bamboo bed.

The Glamping Sandat tents all sit within private tropical gardens with 5m x 3m pools overlooking a coconut palm forest. All of the tents and cabins are also equipped with other amenities including air-conditioning, a mini fridge, an iPod dock, an internal phone service and a Wi-Fi connection.

Here are more photos from Glamping Sandat:

by the pool Glamping In Bali

circular bed Glamping In Bali

sandat at night Glamping In Bali

All images courtesy of One Off Places.

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