How To Be A Cowboy

DudeRanchBringingintheHerd How To Be A Cowboy

Want to be a cowboy?  Then check out a ranch vacation from Dude Ranchers’ Association.

The association now has 100+ member ranches in 12 western states and 2 Canadian provinces.

“Nothing beats a Western cattle drive. Straight from the big screen, these working cattle drives, transform a movie moment into a real-life vacation experience,” says the association.

Cattle drives, guided by expert wranglers, vary from ranch to ranch.

Some ranches offer only two drives (in spring and fall) and others have daily cattle activities.

Long cattle drives with river crossings, mountain riding and range roaming.

Cattle drive participants can learn how to keep the herd together, chase down stragglers and stay on the move.

For more info, visit the association site.

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