A Finland Photo Tour

SGBalcticPhotoTourTurku1 A Finland Photo Tour

Turku, Finland. Photo credit: Guild Travel.

Fancy a photo tour holiday?  If you’re seeking European destinations, then look at the Baltic Photography Tour launched by Guild Travel.

Based in Finland, this four-day photo tour will start in the city of Helsinki then take photo travelers to discover the historic town of Turku and islands in the Turku Archipelago. Tour operator and travel agency Guild Travel specializes in travel to Finland and in the neighboring countries of Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway.

SGBalticPhotoTour2 A Finland Photo Tour

Turku. Photo credit: Guild Travel.

On the first day, in Helsinki, travelers will be given a sightseeing tour of the city by an English-speaking guide.

That first evening, travelers will meet members from the Finnish Photographic Society over dinner in a Finnish restaurant. They will have the opportunity to talk photography with local photographers and learn about Finland and its photo opportunities.

On the second day, the trip will start with a hearty breakfast followed by a four-hour walking tour of some of Helsinki’s most beautiful locations.

SGBalticPhotoTourTurkucastle A Finland Photo Tour

Turku Castle. Photo credit: Guild Travel.

On the third day, they will leave early morning for Turku accompanied by a specialist nature guide. At sunrise, the travelers will experience the Finnish dawn and nature waking up in a national park and bird sanctuary.

After a private coach ride to Turku, two hours west of Helsinki, travelers will meet their local guide and learn about photographing Turku, which is known for its natural scenery and wildlife.

On the fourth day, the tour group will head out circular island-hopping with their guide through the Turku Archipelago which has thousands of small islands and unique flora and fauna.  After lunch at a local restaurant and more island time, the travelers will go back Turku for their final night.

This tour includes flights from Heathrow or Manchester to Helsinki; local transportation including boat rental; accommodation, breakfasts and excursions.

Find out more at www.guildtravel.com.

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